Parameter identification and state estimation of Li-ion and NiMH batteries

  • R.W.H. Merks

Student thesis: Bachelor


To optimize the efficiency of energy management algorithms in electric vehicles, good battery modeling and an accurate knowledge of the state of the battery is needed. A battery model is used to describe the behavior of the battery. Tests which identify model parameters are greatly dependent on sensor noise and on the chosen current profile. This paper first presents an improved (robust) parameter identification. Next, a state estimator (Kalman filter) is used to get an accurate knowledge on the State of Charge of the battery. This paper presents design guidelines on how to select appropriate weighting matrices for this state estimator.
Date of Award2012
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJohn T.B.A. Kessels (Supervisor 1) & W.H.A. Hendrix (Supervisor 1)

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