Magnetic pulse compression
: the next generation in high voltage, high repetition rate pulse generation

  • A.B.J.M. Driessen

Student thesis: Master


A magnetic pulse compressor (MPC) with a high-voltage (HV) pulse of 65 kV and repetition rate of 20 kHz in burst operation is presented. The MPC is based on an existing topology that has been upgraded for high frequency pulse generation and only uses two magnetic cores. The operation principle of the MPC is given with visual support of the magnetic behavior. The design procedure of the pulse generator is treated extensively. A roadmap is drawn to design the magnetic components, where 3D transient magnetic simulations play a crucial role. Also, attention will be paid to the design of the switches, resetting circuits and the high voltage diode at the output of the pulse generator. The upgraded pulse generator topology is realized with a peak voltage of 65 kV, 60 ns FWHM and 20 ns rise time on a 100 load. Experimental results show that simulation and realization of the magnetic behavior are in good agreement. The realized pulse generator has an efficiency of 50% and can easily be improved by 10-20%. The current results show a maximum PRF of 20 kHz, but with some adjustments the frequency of the proposed pulse generator topology can be doubled.
Date of Award31 Oct 2014
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorA.J.M. (Guus) Pemen (Supervisor 1)

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