Fast 2-D equilibrium reconstruction for tokamak transport calculations

  • R.J. Voorhoeve

Student thesis: Master


For tokamak plasmas, transport calculations are usually done by solving the 1-D radial transport equations coupled with the equations governing the 2-D MHD equilibrium. In this thesis, fast alternatives for this computationally expensive 2-D step are investigated. Two options are investigated. The first option is to use numerical fits to find an analytic relation between a set of indicators and a set of 1-D profiles, which describe the equilibrium. The second option that was investigated, is to use a specific method for solving the inverse equilibrium problem, called the contour dynamics method.
Date of Award31 Aug 2013
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorF.A.A. Felici (Supervisor 1), M.F.M. de Bock (Supervisor 2) & Marco R. de Baar (Supervisor 2)

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