Een boeren bestaan

  • W.W. Klomp

Student thesis: Master


These days architecture is used more and more to show off; macho behaviour from the architect. One building is even more like a piece of art, more aesthetically pleasing, more durable, taller, or more expensive than the next. These modern designs are supposed to be unique and special, but are they also nice to look at? Why is it wrong to look at a building more like with the eyes of a farmer? In Holland we have an expression 'met het boeren verstand' (with the intellect of a farmer), because farmers have a unique way of looking at things. They are a lot more practical. Simplicity and sometimes modest simple-mindedness is all that it takes to solve problems on a farm. So why can't the architect be more like this as well? These days, farms in Holland are rapidly losing their original function, and are being redesigned to become comfortable residences. This is due to the fact that farmers simply cannot continue to farm. However, because of this farms are being seen more like a luxurious residence, an expensive living area on the quiet country side. Their original intent of humble farms for 'normal people' is changing to a status of the rich people. Originally farms existed because there was a need to make a shelter for both humans and animals once the hunter-gatherers stopped moving around and started to live in a chosen area. The animals were a source for food, but also warmth and tools. The skin was used for clothing and like canvas, the bones were made into tools, the milk was drunk and the meet was eaten. The animals were very valuable, there was hardly anything more important to own than that. The animals were even kept in the same room as where their owners lived. Hygienically it was better to make a separation between these two parties and that is how farms started to evolve. Every detail, everything has gotten its own place in the farm and with a clear origin, all born from necessity and logic. So how would a farmer of this time and day design a new restaurant on his property? He would use his knowledge of logics and simplicity, of his experience about how stables work. For a restaurant is very close in function to a stable after all, although instead of taking care of animals, humans need to be fed.
Date of Award31 May 2013
Original languageDutch
SupervisorJ. Westra (Supervisor 1), A.J.M. Walraven (Supervisor 2) & E.P.J. van Vugt (Supervisor 2)

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