Een analoge benadering van historische gelaagdheid
: herbestemming van een voormalige luciferfabriek, voor de ontwikkeling van 15 loft-atelierwoningen

  • C.N. van 't Oever

Student thesis: Master


Adaptation to the circumstances is an integral part of life. This also applies to architecture,because of the need for changes to keep a building functional for a long period. Everyconstruction that has been adapted during its lifespan contains historical layering. This iscertainly the case in the former match factory in the centre of Eindhoven. For the next stepin its development a plan is made with plots inside the building. In this way the opportunity iscreated for 15 loft apartments to be built. The organisation of the houses refers to the buildingblock typology, directed to the outside, and creating a collective inner space at the centreof the industrial hall. This space is characterized by the trusses in the roof, and the longitudinaldirection that is emphasized by the roof light. The fl oor on the third level takes the roll as agallery were the houses also can be accessed. Together with the remaining part of the carramp the former use of the building remains present, as long as it is able to serve the newpurpose.One of these lofts has been elaborated in further detail. This has given the input for guidelinesto frame the development of the former factory. One aspect that is examined is the varietyof spaces that result when the housing volumes are added to the existing industrial hall.The main focus of the design lays in the analogue approach towards the already presenthistorical layering of the building. The design of two stairs inside the loft building reveals thisanalogy. The fi rst one is fi tted between the present structural elements, adapting itself fully tothe situation. The second is shaping the space, but also relates directly to the historic buildingin the reuse of material from it. In the whole design, new traces of adaptation are left as theresult of this architectonic intervention. In this way the former factory is given another timelayer, so that its historic formation will continue to reveal itself.
Date of Award30 Jun 2013
Original languageDutch
SupervisorBernard J.F. Colenbrander (Supervisor 1), Jacob C.T. Voorthuis (Supervisor 2) & Jan P.A. Schevers (Supervisor 2)

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