Design of an in-home electricity storage system strategy for implementation within a multi-agent active distribution network

  • M.H.B. Reulink

Student thesis: Master


The living lab demonstration project PowerMatching City (PMC) is a clear example how distribution networks can take advantage of the increasing number of Distributed Energy Resources (DER). Due to the decentralized market model applied within this PMC project, DER become active players on the local market. Battery energy storage systems are DER devices that are able to provide flexibility and grid support to the PowerMatching city cluster. This paper provides information about the design, analysis and implementation of an In-Home Electricity Storage (IHES) system for the PMC project. First the IHES bid strategy has been developed that applies to the profit maximization objective and the system constraints. This strategy, based on the battery characteristics and the market price development, uses the estimated price range and the battery state of charge as decision variables for the bid allocation. Second the effect of these IHES systems on both peak reduction and energy loss reduction for PMC has been analyzed. It is shown that the developed IHES systems within the price fluctuating market are able to reduce both aspects reasonably. Third the required software components to integrate a IHES system within the PMC cluster are implemented. The first tests with this set-up show that the designed strategy is able to operate in a dynamic price market.
Date of Award31 Aug 2013
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJ.G. (Han) Slootweg (Supervisor 1), I.G. Kamphuis (Supervisor 2), B. Mesman (Supervisor 2), Annepieter Haytema (External coach) & E.A.M. Klaassen (Supervisor 2)

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