Design and comparison of gravity compensated ultra-high vacuum voice coil actuators

Student thesis: Master


This paper concerns the design of ultra-highvacuum voice coil actuators (UHV VCAs) for high-precision positioning stages. Due to the absence of convective cooling, UHV VCAs should operate on low power and therefore have a decreased force range compared to ambient voice coils. This paper investigates alternative UHV VCA designs with improved thermal behavior; the force range, and the power consumption are investigated. Five VCA topologies are electromagnetically and thermally optimized using 2-D finite element method and compared. The reduction of the power consumption is achieved by a passive magnetic gravity compensator which provides gravitational load support to the moving member of the VCA. Two gravity compensators are designed and added to the VCA, both internally and externally. Finally, one of the VCAs is realized and experimentally validated under ambient conditions.
Date of Award31 Jan 2015
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorElena A. Lomonova (Supervisor 1), J.W. (Helm) Jansen (Supervisor 2), T.A. van Beek (Supervisor 2), S. Paalvast (External coach), B. van Bree (External coach) & H. Janssen (External coach)

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