Demand-driven development extended in the organizational structure
: an application for housing corporation Mitros Project Development concerning private housing

  • H.A. Schotsman

Student thesis: Master


This paper discusses a more market oriented organization structure for the department Project Development of housing corporation Mitros. The motivation for this research is the high percentage of vacant dwellings after completion and the related increased sales risk. Adjusting the organization to the market would lower the sales risk and matches the project with the target group. Addressing current tenants as target group, implementing an own marketing and sales staff and making full use of the housing concepts that construction companies already provide reduces the development time with 58% from 69 months till 33 months and decreases the organizational costs over 50%. In rapid succession of finding the customer, start sales and the investment decision, the success rate of the project development increases and therefore the sales risk will be significantly lowered.
Date of Award31 Aug 2012
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorW.F. Schaefer (Supervisor 1), E.G.J. Blokhuis (Supervisor 2), B. van Ree (External coach) & P. Bertrams (External coach)

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