De stad, het gebouw en de mens
: een onderzoek naar het gedachtegoed en de gebouwde werken van Aldo van Eyck & Theo Bosch

  • S.J. Inghels

Student thesis: Master


In the seventies and eighties there was a subway built in the Nieuwmarktbuurt in Amsterdam, due to a major city formation. There were huge holes beaten in the historic fabric of the once thriving district. The office of the architects Aldo van Eyck and Theo Bosch was appointed to make a design for a new urban plan and it was also commissioned for the design of nine new residential blocks. The principles in urban planning and the architectural qualities that emerge in the buildings in the Nieuwmarktbuurt and in their other works, have led to a great interest in their ideas for me personally. Their vision on the existing city, buildings and people appeals to me. The two architects were striving for a humanistic architecture, in which they tried to reform the relation between people with their environment and with each other. From the seventies, when Bosch became an associate of Van Eyck, the contextual approach became more important. In complex urban assignments the historic city was considered as a unique heritage with great architectural and contextual qualities. Summarizing, the purpose of Aldo van Eyck and Theo Bosch was to create and stimulate relations in the (built) environment, between people and their environment and between people reciprocally, to achieve greater cohesion and solidarity. This theme of relations in the social and built environment is still relevant today in an increasingly individualized society where many people long for more social contact and have an urge for a certain degree of identifiability with the built environment. In addition, the theme context is still relevant in a period in which building in the inner-city is put high on the urban agenda. Through this project I want to give a contemporary interpretation to this theme of relations, with the implementation of family houses in the city. The result is a residential building, that is on the one hand characterized by a sculptural and robust character, but on the other hand seeks contact with its environment, exhibits a human scale and stimulates people to get in contact with each other.
Date of Award31 Aug 2013
Original languageDutch
SupervisorJ.G. Wallis De Vries (Supervisor 1), M.M. van Rooij (Supervisor 2), M.A.W. Spaan (External coach) & M.E.A.G. Reniers (External coach)

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