De kwaliteit van het groen
: een onderzoek naar het effect van groene gevels op kwaliteit van de binnenruimte van kantoorgebouwen

  • F.G.M. van Rooijen

Student thesis: Master


Green façades are not a new concept. However, this technique has been developing recently. For example, several ground-based systems came on the marked. Currently, research is focusing on the effect of green façades on urban environment, however not much research on the effect of plants in the interior space has been done. The objective of this study is to review available literature on how green façades influence the interior space of a building. The existing green façade systems use different techniques. Which technique is optimal depends on the demands of that particular façade. The plant life form and lifetime also determine the system type, which affect both face and maintenance. Finally, for vital processes the plants needs sunlight and nutrients. The quality of the interior space is determined by the comfort and health effects of the user. This can be divided in two aspects; indoor environment and psyche. The indoor environment is determined by several factors including physical, chemical and biological factors. This review shows that the effect of plants on the quality of the indoor environment is limited. However in appears that plants have a positive effect on the human psyche; for example green has a positive effect on mood, lowers stress levels, and increases attention and concentration. The positive effect of plants on the psyche manifests itself in a higher labor productivity. This has been found in creative work, stressful work and work requiring a short response time. The effect of green on the labor productivity of repetitive work is negative. In an office environment the labor production revenue is relatively large compared to the annual building costs. An investment in a green façade system to increase labor productivity requires only a relatively small increase labor productivity needed to earn back this investment. Some examples of work where green façades have a positive effect are given. Green façade system which have a positive effect on psyche and labour productivity two conditions have to be met. Firstly, the plants need sunlight and secondly the workers in the interior space have to have a significant view on the plants. There are two systems that could match these requirements. One of these systems has been applied to an office building where the cost of the system are compared with the potential production yields. However, unfortunately, the calculation of the additional revenue of labor productivity increase is not possible, because the size of the effect of green on labor productivity is not known. In conclusion, green façade systems can be used to improve the quality in the interior space by improving to the psychological condition of the people in that room. This may in some cases lead to an increase in labor productivity. The current use of green façade systems only contribute to the aesthetics of the building, while the application of green façade system as described in this thesis also add basal value, utility value and economic value to a building.
Date of Award28 Feb 2013
Original languageDutch
SupervisorC.P.W. Geurts (Supervisor 1), J.J.N. Lichtenberg (Supervisor 2) & Marcel G.L.C. Loomans (Supervisor 2)

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