Andreev reflection in focused beam induced deposited materials
: a multichannel model

  • C. Daniels

Student thesis: Master


In a junction between a superconductor and a ferromagnet a process called Andreev reflection occurs that influences the conductance across the interface. When studying Andreev reflection in junctions made by focussed beam induced deposition (FE/IBID), several anomalies were observed. Analysing these anomalies has allowed us to gain more insight into the characteristics of FIBID W as a superconductor. To explain shoulder shapes that were observed in our Andreev reflection spectra, we have introduced a multichannel model that describes how conductance over the point contact consists of multiple independent conductive channels, resulting in a superposition of multiple conductance curves with different parameters. Such a multichannel pointcontact can be formed because FIBID W consists of multiple superconducting phases as was confirmed in a characterisation study.
Date of Award31 May 2014
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorN. Sharma (Supervisor 1), J├╝rgen T. Kohlhepp (Supervisor 2), Oleg Kurnosikov (Supervisor 2) & Bert Koopmans (Supervisor 2)

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