Analysis and design of complex structures with an eigencurrent expansion method

  • N. Janssen

Student thesis: Master


A new Eigencurrent Expansion Method is developed, called Structure Eigencurrent ExpansionMethod (SEEM), which uses a reduction scheme on a Method-of-Moment (MoM) matrix in order to solve the Electric-Field Integral Equation (EFIE) in less computational time. This reduction scheme is based on a smart subdivision of the coupled and uncoupled currents (per object), reducing the amount of radiating currents that need thus to be taken into account. This results in reduction of the number of elements in the system MoM matrix. Additionally, several symmetries and repetitions that occur in complex structures, e.g., Circular Polarization Selective Surface (CPSS), are used to reduce the computation time in similarly reoccurring integrals. As it turns out, both aspects pay off, especially when structures get more complex, i.e. containing more objects, or containing objects with more basis-functions. For one of the structures that was simulated, a speed increase with a factor of 4.5 was achieved as compared to a full EFIE solver without reduction.
Date of Award31 Oct 2013
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorA.G. Tijhuis (Supervisor 1), Giampiero Gerini (Supervisor 2), V. Lancellotti (Supervisor 2) & Dusan Milosevic (Supervisor 2)

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