X-ray collinator having plates with periodic rectangular openings

J. Borst, van der (Inventor), J.F.M. Achard van Enschut, d' (Inventor), T.J.J.M. Jenneskens (Inventor), J. Dobben (Inventor), C.J. Borch, ter (Inventor), H.G.M. Wal, van der (Inventor)

    Research output: PatentPatent publication

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    An X-ray collimator in an X-ray analysis apparatus, consisting of plates of X-ray absorbing material, for example tungsten, which are arranged transversely of the X-ray beam. The plates are identical and provided with a pattern of rows and columns of rectangular openings 40, 42 which have a vertical period p1 and a horizontal period p2. The openings take up an opening fraction t1 and t2 of the periods p1 and p2, respectively. The plates are arranged in the collimator in a series in which the ratio between two successive distances (di, di+1) between the plates of the series is equal to the given opening fractions t1 and t2 of the periods p1 and p2, respectively. It has been found that all directions in the X-ray beam are then intercepted except for the direction to be collimated. Moreover, this configuration also enables transverse collimation. The collimator thus formed has a substantially smaller weight and also offers space to accommodate further elements for influencing the X-ray beam.
    Original languageEnglish
    Patent numberUS5644615
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 1997


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