Ultra-wide band box shaped loaded monopole antenna

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In recent years, there is a high demand for antennas that can operate over a large frequency range. Very popular antennas for using in ultra-wide band (UWB) mobile and wireless communication systems are monopole antennas. UWB monopole antennas are suitable candidates because they are unbalanced and also they are relatively convenient to match to 50 ohm. In this abstract, newly designed monopole antenna for UWB operation is proposed. Presented antenna is of low profile, simple structure and cheap and easy to manufacture. Proposed antenna is mounted on the ground plane with coax probe feed. All antenna parts are made of 0.5mm thick copper. In Fig. 1. and Fig. 2., geometry of the proposed antenna is presented. The antenna consists of an ‘empty’ rectangular box that has five sides. The box is placed above ground plane on the piece of foam. The open side of the box is faced toward ground plane, with the top side parallel to the ground plane. By using the same geometrical concept, broad family of antennas for operation in various frequency bands, can be designed. Antenna model 1 has box dimensions of 20x20x20 [mm] and ground plane size of 80x80 [mm]. In Fig. 3. measured VSWR of the fabricated antenna (antenna model 1) is shown. It is seen from the Fig. 2, that the antenna model 1 has VSWR less than 2.2 from 1.8 to 15GHz, which is 157% bandwidth. In Fig. 4. some simulated results of the antenna which box dimensions are 65x50x45[mm] and ground plane size 140x135 [mm] are presented. This antenna is optimized for multiband operation and has VSWR < 2 for frequencies from 0.6 to 1.2 GHz (67% bandwidth), from 2.05 to 2.75GHz (30% bandwidth), from 3.4 to 4.3 GHz (23% bandwidth) and from 4.8 to 6GHz (22% bandwidth). In this abstract some measured and simulated results of the new antenna geometry are presented. An extensive parametric study of presented antennas is currently under way.
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Publication statusPublished - 2008
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