Ultra high color temperature and visual performance

M.P.J. Aarts, S.J. Velzen, van, Z. Huijbregts

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High color temperature lighting in office spaces appears to contribute to an improvement of wellbeing, functioning and work performance. How does light with a high and ultra high CCT influence the visual acuity? Two series of tests were performed. A preliminary study with a low illuminance level of 200 lx and a study with an illuminance level of 500 lx. The visual acuity was determined for three different CCT’s at task level (2700, 5000 and 12000 K), both for near vision and for far vision. In the testing, different age groups were chosen. The preliminary test, with the low illuminance level, showed no significant difference for visual acuity of the younger subjects for the 3 different CCT’s. For the older subjects, a significant improvement was found for near visual acuity when the CCT rose. For far visual acuity an improvement was found between 2700 and 12,000 K. This means that especially the older people may benefit from a higher color temperature. In the tests with 500 lx, a third age group of 65 – 76 was added. The results show that the visual acuity for near vision is lowest for the lowest CCT of 2700 K, for all three age groups. However, the differences are too small to show significance. For far visual acuity, the differences are even smaller.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationLux Europa 2009, 11th european lighting congress, Istanbul, September 2009
EditorsAlpin K. Yener, Leyla D. Öztürk
Place of PublicationIstanbul, Turkey
PublisherTurkish National Committee of Illumination
ISBN (Print)978-975-561-352-9
Publication statusPublished - 2009
Event11th European Lighting Congress (Lux Europa 2009), September 9-11, 2009, Istanbul, Turkey: Lighting and the environment - Istanbul, Turkey
Duration: 9 Sep 200911 Sep 2009


Conference11th European Lighting Congress (Lux Europa 2009), September 9-11, 2009, Istanbul, Turkey
Abbreviated titleLux Europa 2009


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