Twisted Edwards curves

D.J. Bernstein, P. Birkner, M. Joye, T. Lange, C.P. Peters

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This paper introduces "twisted Edwards curves," a generalization of the recently introduced Edwards curves; shows that twisted Edwards curves include more curves over finite fields, and in particular every elliptic curve in Montgomery form; shows how to cover even more curves via isogenies; presents fast explicit formulas for twisted Edwards curves in projective and inverted coordinates; and shows that twisted Edwards curves save time for many curves that were already expressible as Edwards curves.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProgress in Cryptology - Africacrypt 2008 (First International Conference on Cryptology in Africa, Casablanca, Morocco, June 11-14, 2008, Proceedings)
EditorsS. Vaudenay
Place of PublicationBerlin
ISBN (Print)978-3-540-68159-5
Publication statusPublished - 2008

Publication series

NameLecture Notes in Computer Science
ISSN (Print)0302-9743


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