Transport of high fluxes of hydrogen plasma in a linear plasma generator

W.A.J. Vijvers, R.S. Al, N.J. Lopes Cardozo, W.J. Goedheer, B. Groot, de, A.W. Kleyn, H.J. Meiden, van der, R.J.E. Peppel, van de, D.C. Schram, A.E. Shumack, J. Westerhout, G.J. Rooij, van

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A study was made to quantify the losses during the convective hydrogen plasma transport in the linear plasma generator Pilot-PSI due to volume recombination. A transport efficiency of 35% was achieved at neutral background pressures below ~7 Pa in a magnetic field of 1.2 T. This efficiency decreased to essentially zero at higher pressures. At 1.6 T, the measured downstream plasma density was up to double the upstream density. Apparently plasma pumping and recycling at the target start to play a role under these increased confinement conditions. Feeding the plasma column at this field strength with a net current did not change the downstream density. This indicates that recycling sets the local plasma conditions.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationXXVIII International Conference on Phenomena in Ionised Gases (ICPIG 2007) 15-20 July 2007, Prague, Czech Republic. Proceedings
EditorsJ. Schmidt, M. Simek, S. Pekarek, V. Prukner
Place of PublicationBristol, United Kingdom
PublisherInstitute of Physics
ISBN (Print)9788087026014
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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