Toward a seamless communication architecture for in-building networks at the 60 GHz band

B.L. Dang, R. Venkatesha Prasad, I.G.M.M. Niemegeers, M. Garcia Larrode, A.M.J. Koonen

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This paper addresses the issues of designing an infrastructure to support seamless in-building communication at the 60 GHz band. Recently, the 60 GHz band has received much attention due to its 5 GHz of available spectrum. However, the propagation of signals in this band is strongly hindered by attenuation and line-of-sight requirements. The situation gets worse in the in-building environment where signal propagation is obstructed by physical objects such as walls, furniture etc. In this paper, we present a novel Radio over Fiber (RoF) architecture that is cost-effective and is able to deliver high data-rate of the order of gigabits. To ensure a seamless communication environment at the 60 GHz band, we propose the concept of Extended Cells (EC) in order to create sufficient overlap areas. Finally, we illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed architecture by simulating an in-building network at the 60 GHz band employing the RoF and EC concepts
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationproceedings of the 31st annual conference on Local Computer Networks conference (LCN 2006), 14-46 november 2006, Tampa Florida
Publication statusPublished - 2006
Eventconference; LCN 06; 2006-11-14; 2006-11-17 -
Duration: 14 Nov 200617 Nov 2006


Conferenceconference; LCN 06; 2006-11-14; 2006-11-17
OtherLCN 06


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