Through-substrate via and redistribution layer with metal paste

F. Roozeboom (Inventor), E.C.E. Grunsven, van (Inventor), F.H.M. Sanders (Inventor), M.M.A. Burghoorn (Inventor)

Research output: PatentPatent publication

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A semiconductor device and a method for manufacturing such semiconductor device for use in a stacked configuration of the semiconductor device are disclosed. The semiconductor device includes a substrate including at least part of an electronic circuit provided at a first side thereof. The substrate includes a passivation layer and a substrate via that extends from the first side to a via depth such that it is reconfigurable into a through-substrate. The semiconductor device further includes a patterned masking layer on the first side of the substrate. The patterned masking layer includes a trench extending fully through the patterned masking layer. The trench has been filled with a redistribution conductor.; The substrate via and the redistribution conductor include metal paste and together form one piece, such that there is no physical interface between the through-substrate via and the redistribution conductor. Thus, the parasitic resistance of this electrical connection is reduced.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS8395267
Publication statusPublished - 12 Mar 2013


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