Thermal diffusion of oxygen in refractory metals

G.D. Rieck, D.L. Vogel

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A discussion of the thermal diffusion (Ludwig-Soizet effect) of interstitial solutes in metals and its possible influence on the mech. properties of metals includes the conditions for quant. studying the effect in refractory metals. A survey of the terminal solubilities of C, N, and O in Group IV-A, V-A, and VI-A transition metals and an estn. of the rate of evapn. of O (as an oxide) from Nb are included. The method for detg. the thermal diffusion of O in b-Zr is described briefly. The heat of transport for this system was at least 13.6 +- 2.0 kcal./mole. The time required to give a rather large concn. gradient of O in Zr trader specified conditions is estd. In an expt. with Nb, a decrease in O content was found everywhere, most probably due to evapn. 62 references. [on SciFinder (R)]
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationMetalle für die Raumfahrt : Vorträge, gehalten auf dem 5. Plansee seminar "De re metallica", 22. bis 26. Juni 1964, Reutte, Tirol
EditorsF. Benesovsky
Place of PublicationSpringer
PublisherNew York
Publication statusPublished - 1965


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