The solar noise barrier project 4: modeling of full-scale luminescent solar concentrator noise barrier panels

Ádám Bognár, Suryadi Kusnadi, Lenneke H. Slooff, Chris Tzikas, Roel C.G.M. Loonen, Minne M. de Jong, Jan L.M. Hensen, Michael G. Debije (Corresponding author)

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A full-size (1 × 5 m2) luminescent solar concentrator (LSC) has been constructed and the edge electric outputs from the attached photovoltaic cells monitored for a period of slightly over one year in the solar noise barrier (SONOB) “living lab” outdoor environment. The results of the edge electric output measurements were compared to ray-tracing simulations, revealing imperfections in the system design and production that resulted in the significantly reduced performance of the panel compared to expectations. Results of these calculations suggest edge emission improvements of a factor of 6–9 are possible: at these improved edge outputs, the LSC becomes a viable solar energy generator for the built environment, with significant visual appeal. A grey-box computer model has been developed to predict LSC performance using a realistic device design with reduced internal light scattering and better photovoltaic cell positioning. A second model is used for extrapolation of the LSC solar barrier electric performance with different orientations in different world locations.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1141-1149
Number of pages9
JournalRenewable Energy
Publication statusPublished - May 2020


The SONOB project has been supported by the Dutch Government through the TKI ZEGO program. The authors would also like to acknowledge the other project partners: van Campen Industries BV, Heijmans Wegen BV, and Airbus Defense and Space for their support and the city of Den Bosch for making the test location available. Appendix A

FundersFunder number
Airbus Defense and Space
Campen Industries BV
Dutch government
city of Den Bosch


    • Building integrated photovoltaics
    • Luminescent solar concentrator
    • Noise barrier
    • Simulation


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