The Smart Powertrain, Clean, Efficient and Safe Utilization of Existing Infrastructure

A.F.A. Serrarens, N.J.J. Liebrand, M. Steinbuch

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In this paper a new project that is to be launched at the end of 2003 is described. The project is entitled "The Smart Powertrain" and is defined in the Netherlands where it is pending for governmental subsidy. The Smart Powertrain fuses Hybrid Powertrain Technology (HPT) with Advanced Driver Assist (ADA) Systems for improving both the efficiency of the powertrain and traffic. Break-through technologies on active and passive safety are an integral part of the project definition. The integration of HPT and ADA in one context will result in currently unforeseeable benefits on emissions and congestion, particularly since they are mutually enforcing mechanisms. The paper describes the Smart Powertrain definition, motivation for this definition and preliminary results on fuel economy benefits. Highly specialized R&D that is currently performed in The Netherlands and runs ahead on the SPT program is briefly addressed throughout the paper.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationInternational Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition, EVS-20
Place of PublicationUnited States, Long Beach, CA
Publication statusPublished - 2003


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