The lubrication of dynamically loaded concentrated hard line contacts : temperature and pressure measurements

H.J. Leeuwen, van, M.J.W. Schouten, H.A. Meijer

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During more than 40 years, research into concentrated contacts with full film lubrication has been mainly restricted to stationary behaviour. It is not until recently, that dynamically loaded concentrated contacts have received attention from some investigators. With the advent of more sophisticated hardware and software, the interest from theorists into dynamically loaded concentrated contacts is growing. But, the literature of experimental results is even more scarce.In this paper some results of temperature and pressure measurements in two types of dynamically loaded concentrated contact are reported, viz., a cam-flat follower contact and a cylindrical roller -outer race contact. The measurement technique utilizes miniature vapour deposited thin layer transducers and a counter current circuit and an amplifier. These first results are very encouraging. The transducers worked well, even under very adverse conditions of pure sliding and dynamic loads.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAircraft gear and bearing tribological systems :  papers presented at the 60th Meeting of the Structures and Materials Panel of AGARD in San Antonio, Texas, US.A, on 22-26 April 1985
EditorsE.S. Wright
Place of PublicationNeuilly-sur-Seine
ISBN (Print)92-835-1509-9
Publication statusPublished - 1986

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NameAGARD conference proceedings


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