The challenge : proposals for strategies and targets towards building

P. Schmid

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The future of sustainable construction has its roots in the past and present steps we set and we will set according our (ethical) awareness concerning consequences of our acts and deeds. One of the current main goals of building should therefore be creating and maintaining a healthy built environment based on resource efficiency and ecological (human-ecoiogical) principles, One of the main questions is about the path that must be followed to a closer approach towards the ideals of sustainability in this sector. Decades passed already after we got the first serious signs about the large risks of our usual way to act in the fields of economy and politics generally and building specifically. The last one deals with theoretical (science and education) as well as practical (technological) items. Even Survival of humankind became an item. It is quite obvious that there 8CC barriers to sustainable construction from the wide range of actors affecting this movement, from public policy to the building supply chain nationally as well as globally. In this contribution we assume that the State of Art concerning the rather dangerous perspectives we face when we continue our way of life and way to build is well known. Nevertheless some attention will be paid to these circumstances. After this we focus on possibilities of how to gain, to work, and to collaborate for a (more) balanced (world) society, a society, which builds healthy and cnvironmentallysound. We will discuss necessarily: 1. the human health; 2. the natural environment; 3. the context, in which building takes place; and 4. the man made building. A lot of building research has been undertaken, but moreover previous civilizations show that humans had an awareness about optimal conditions concerning own desires and necessities on the one hand and possibilities and opportunities but also limits to be found in the environment on the other hand. Nowadays we can (re)search in the all around accepted and appreciated "methodological" way, but when there is (or was) no fundamental qualitative approach - we never can expect. that the results really will contribute to a higher quality of life. Based on various fundamental sources (beside bibliography, references, essential insights), supported by own research (and experiences from education), design practice and experience in the field, we give some suggestions for strategies and targets towards sustainable building and construction.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-10
Number of pages10
JournalInternational E-Journal of construction
Issue number14 May
Publication statusPublished - 2003


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