T1.3 Performance Indicators for health and comfort

P.W.M.H. Steskens, Marcel Loomans

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Regarding PERFECTION work package 1, it is the objective to investigate current performance indicators, standards, regulations, guidelines, research activities and policies used in design and construction of the built environment. While subtask 1.3 focuses on performance indicators for health and comfort (indoor environmental quality), subtask 1.4 focuses on accessibility, feeling of safety and positive simulation indicators. It is the intention of the project to develop an overall framework for building performance indicators integrated within
a sustainable built environment.
This report presents a review of the health and comfort indicators for indoor environment in buildings. It is the objective to provide an overview and a complete list of performance indicators for health and comfort, which can be applicable in a performance indicator framework for the assessment of building performance.
The specific objective related to Subtask 1.3 is to provide a review of health and comfort related to acoustic comfort, visual comfort, indoor air quality, quality of drinking water, and thermal comfort. The indicators are reviewed focusing on the implementation in an indicator framework for building performance assessment.
First of all, a summary of the earlier work, mainly within EU-projects, on performance based building and performance indicators for the indoor environment is presented. Second, the Performance Based Building (PBB) concept and definitions of terms applied within the context are described. After a discussion of the definitions, performance indicators related to the
indoor environment are reviewed. An analysis of existing and missing indicators has been performed.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationEindhoven
PublisherEindhoven University of Technology
Number of pages76
Publication statusPublished - 31 Jan 2010

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Perfection - Performance Indicators for Health, Comfort and Safety of the Indoor Environment FP7 Grant Number 212998.


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