System for secure storage

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A system (100) comprising read means (112) for reading content data and control logic data from a storage medium (101), the control logic data being uniquely linked to the storage medium (101), processing means (113-117), for processing the content data and feeding the processed content data to an output, and control means (120) for executing the control logic data and for controlling the processing means (113-117) in accordance with the control logic data being executed. The link is preferably realized by variations in a physical parameter of the storage medium (101) that exhibit a modulation pattern representing a necessary parameter for obtaining access to the control logic data. Alternatively, the link is realized by an integrated circuit (201) on the storage medium (101) which contains the necessary parameter. The necessary parameter may comprise a decryption key or authentication data.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberEP1518238
Publication statusPublished - 30 Mar 2005

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