System analysis and system thinking

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The field of industrial ecology studies human-nature interactions. Both man-made systems and ecosystems, as well as their interactions, can be characterized and analyzed by system analysis. They are systems containing multiple stocks of mass and energy and that interact by exchanging flows and information. As such, system analysis – or the broader system thinking as a general approach or mindset – is one of the foundations that industrial ecology is building on. It influences specific analysis tools, like mass flow analysis, life cycle analysis, as well as particular notions of sustainability. In this module, we will introduce system analysis to you: system components, system dynamics, stable states, and a systems view on sustainability. But the main goal is to trigger your interest and skills in systems thinking – as an approach, an analytical lens on sustainability problems. We consider it a research skill that can be of great value throughout your academic and professional career, as well as in daily life.
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PublisherEindhoven University of Technology
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Publication statusPublished - 2020

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