Symbolic analysis and design for (nonaffine) nonlinear control systems

A.G. Jager, de

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For the analysis and design of dynamical systems symbolic tools are a great help. In the past, several algorithms for nonlinear control systems have been implemented in MAPLE. This implementation has been extended to also handle nonaffine models and to include more algorithms. Three examples taken from the literature in this area illustrate the power and limitations of the implementation. For system models that are more than a little complex symbolic computation cannot be fully enjoyed due to the complexity of the algorithms that are more than polynomial in some measure of the problem size
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of the 13th world congress, International Federation of Automatic Control. Vol.F. Nonlinear systems II / Ed. J.J. Gertler, J.B. Cruz, M. Peshkin, R. Bitmead, A. Isidori
Place of PublicationOxford, UK
ISBN (Print)0-08-042908-4
Publication statusPublished - 1997

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NameIFAC conference proceedings


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