Sustainable building organisation

P. Schmid

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Sustainable Development and Sustainable Building is mainly a question of (human) environmentally-conscious Organisation and Management Criteria are needed in order to capture the best practices in the field. Therefore we developed modells and methods, which help to choose the most adequate practices. Invention of key research activities can be brought up by screening the current problems in the light of the Meta-Modell Integral Bio-Iogical Architecture which at the same time will help to identify the gaps in the field of research. By the use of the Method Holistic Participation - MHP it is possible and stimulating to work multi- and interdisciplinary. With the help of MHP consensus can be supported systematically and even reached in order to find a research agenda with those priorities, which have a high probability to be able to contribute essentially to Sustainable Development and Sustainable Building. Managing this task in the frame of one of the most urgent world problems - Building in its nowadays way as a danger for Environment and - perhaps paradoxical - even for Humankind as well, it is at least strongly connected to the Legal and Procurement Practises, which similarly - as described above - can be approached, especially by the MHP concerning the Aspects of Conflict and Dispute Resolutions. Since a certain Indoor Climate is one of main reasons to build it, will be most conditional to link Management with the demands of and for a healthy Indoor Environment, which finally needs also a healthy Outdoor Environment. For the balance between them the Strategy for Optimising can be applied. But Materials and Technologies have to be choosen properly. For this a special Matrix can be offered which at least as a rule of thumb can function as a further organisation aid. Together with a view on the flanking subjects Management and Organisation can effectfully be runned by globally thinking while locally acting and planning on short as well as longterm, as the most important demands for reaching the aim of Sustainability.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationManaging Sustainability-Endurance Through Change Conference, Gävle, Sweden
Place of Publication1998
PublisherInternational Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB)
ISBN (Print)91-630-6711-0
Publication statusPublished - 1998
Event14th CIB World Building Congress, June 7-12, 1998, Gävle, Sweden - Gävle, Sweden
Duration: 7 Jun 199812 Jun 1998


Conference14th CIB World Building Congress, June 7-12, 1998, Gävle, Sweden
Other"Construction and the Environment"
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