Surround sound system and method therefor

R.M. Aarts (Inventor), W.P.J. Bruijn, de (Inventor), W.J. Lamb (Inventor), A. Sakari Härmä (Inventor)

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A surround sound system comprises a receiver (301) for receiving a multichannel spatial signal that comprises at least one surround channel. A directional ultrasound transducer (305) is used for emitting ultrasound towards a surface to reach a listening position (111) via a reflection of the surface. The ultrasound signal may specifically reach the listening position from the side, above or behind of a nominal listener. A first drive unit (303) generates a drive signal for the directional ultrasound transducer (301) from the surround channel. The use of an ultrasound transducer for providing the surround sound signal provides an improved spatial experience while allowing the speaker to be located e.g. to the front of the user.; In particular, an ultrasound beam is much narrower and well defined than conventional audio beams and can accordingly better be directed to provide the desired reflections. In some scenarios, the ultrasound transducer (305) may be supplemented by an audio range loudspeaker (309).
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS8837743 B2
Priority date5/06/09
Publication statusPublished - 16 Sept 2014

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Also published as:
EP2438769 (B1)
US2012076306 (A1)


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