Summarizing dust mite aerosol allergen exposure measurements: the peak or the mean?

F.E. van Boven, N.W. de Jong, Marcel G.L.C. Loomans, G.J. Braunstahl, R.G. van Wijk, L.R. Arends

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We studied the reports on indoor dust mite aeroallergen measurements by statistically summarizing the literature, and by performing a pilot-study on dust emissions coming from the bedding site. We searched the literature for measurements on dust mite aeroallergen exposure. In order to study emissions from beddings, we measured the airborne dust concentration after shaking a duvet. The sum of concentrations as well as the peak concentration were assessed both by a method based on the mean and by a non-linear model. In a sample of fifty-seven studies on measuring dust mite aeroallergens, all of them reported a sum of concentrations; one reported the peak concentration. In our experiments on dust emissions from beddings, the peak value was two to four times higher than the mean. Mean levels of dust mite aeroallergen measurements
differ substantially from peak concentrations. Dust mite aeroallergen measurements should include information on the peak.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationEuropean Aerosol Conference - EAC 2020
Place of Publicationonline
Publication statusPublished - 31 Aug 2020


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