Source properties of a hollow cathode arc plasma

J.M.M.J. Vogels, L.U.E. Konings, D.C. Schram

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Experiments have been carried out on the properties of a hollow cathode as an ion-source. The measured electron density, ion and neutral temperatures and drift velocities have been compared with predictions from the conservation laws for matter, momentum and energy. Very large exit drift velocities of ions and neutrals are observed. The magnitude and direction, against the electric field, can be explained on the basis of the momentum balance. At weak magnetic field strengths even supersonic drift velocities are found. The charge flux carried by the ions is about five percent of the net arc current. For small flows, the ionized fraction of the gas supply approaches 100%
Original languageGerman
Pages (from-to)585-600
JournalZeitschrift fuer Naturforschung, A
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1986

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