Signing and security of Hue software

I. Anastasov

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    Developing software for the Hue devices poses plenty of challenges among the engineers at Philips Lighting. These challenges arise at each stage of the Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC). Improvement of it is of immense importance to the Philips Lighting. This report describes a project which focus was to automate the SDLC, as well as to improve the security in it. The end result solves many challenges. It delivers a complete release management tool dedicated to the engineers at the Home Systems department. First, it visualizes release workflows in a simple user interface. Second, the core activities of the SDLC, such as the software signing, are fully automated. What is more important is that the signing is executed in a highly secure environment. This is very important for Philips Lighting not only because this automation saves a lot of time, but also because it reduces the risk of a human error. The same benefits are gained through an automation of other activities, such as approvals, distribution of the software to the factories, and deploying the software to the device cloud. Third, the system provides a traceability about each step executed in the process. Finally, the system is highly configurable, which makes it easy to be extended and adjusted to support different device types with different release workflows.
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    • Özçelebi, Tanir, Supervisor
    • Aerts, Ad T.M., Supervisor
    • Dajsuren, Yanja, Supervisor
    • Woltjer, Luud, External supervisor, External person
    • Bouwmeester, Leon, External supervisor, External person
    • Slegers, Walter, External supervisor, External person
    Award date28 Sept 2017
    Place of PublicationEindhoven
    Publication statusPublished - 28 Sept 2017

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    PDEng thesis.


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