Self-aligned epitaxial metal-semiconductor hybrid nanostructures for plasmonics

A.J. Urbanczyk, F.W.M. Otten, van, R. Notzel

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We demonstrate self-alignment of epitaxial Ag nanocrystals on top of low-density near-surface InAs quantum dots (QDs) grown by molecular beam epitaxy. The Ag nanocrystals support a surface plasmon resonance that can be tuned to the emission wavelength of the QDs. Photoluminescence measurements of such hybrid metal-semiconductor nanostructures reveal large enhancement of the emission intensity. Our concept of epitaxial self-alignment enables the integration of plasmonic functionality with electronic and photonic semiconductor devices operating down to the single QD level.
Original languageEnglish
Article number243110
Pages (from-to)1-3
JournalApplied Physics Letters
Issue number24
Publication statusPublished - 2011


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