Record carrier comprising encryption indication information

A.A.M. Staring (Inventor), B. Skoric (Inventor), M.A. Treffers (Inventor), M.J.J.J-B Maes (Inventor)

Research output: PatentPatent publication


A record carrier, recording device, read-out device and method is provided which provides a flexible security level to protect user data during transmission over a communication bus, also when the data is recorded on a record carrier such as a recordable optical disc. In accordance with the method, management information comprising encryption indication information indicating that user data stored in an associated sector of a record carrier, such as a recordable optical disk, is to be encrypted by a read-out device before being transmitted over a communication bus. See also US Patent RE44,111 d.d. March 26, 2014
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS Patent #7,607,024
Publication statusPublished - 20 Oct 2009


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