Randers pp-waves

Sjors Heefer, Christian Pfeifer, Andrea Fuster

Research output: Working paperAcademic

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In this work we study Randers spacetimes of Berwald type and analyze Pfeifer and Wohlfarth's vacuum field equation of Finsler gravity for this class. We show that in this case the field equation is equivalent to the vanishing of the Finsler Ricci tensor, analogously to Einstein gravity. This implies that the considered vacuum field equation and Rutz's equation coincide in this scenario. We also construct all exact solutions of Berwald-Randers type to vacuum Finsler gravity, which turn out to be composed of a CCNV (covariantly constant null vector) Lorentzian spacetime, commonly known as pp-wave, and a 1-form given by the pp-wave distinguished null vector. We therefore refer to the found solutions as Randers pp-waves.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages11
Publication statusSubmitted - 8 Dec 2020


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