Professional development of science and physics teachers in England

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Problem Statement: In this age, the importance of lifelong learning is known
very well. Today, it is not possible to continue a profession for years with the
training or education that has been followed to get the diploma to do that
profession. In many countries teachers are trained with a bachelor degree. It is
not expected that teachers can continue teaching only with the bachelor degree
in education without any in-service training or professional development.
Science and technology changes and improves very fast. Teachers who educate
young generations, our future, should follow the changes and improvements in
science and technology and adapt themselves into these changes. England is one
of the important countries in the field of education. Therefore “How
professional development of science and physics teachers is organized and
designed in England?” is the problem statement of this research.
Purpose of the Study: This research was done to express the professional
development programs for science and physics teachers in England. It is
important to learn different approaches in different countries in order to get
benefit from the good examples. In the field of education, England is an
important country. Therefore this country has been chosen as a subject of the
research to learn more about the professional development of teachers in
Method: This is a descriptive study that aims to describe the current situation.
In this study, document analysis method was used. Document analysis method
is used often in social sciences. In document analysis it is aimed to reach the
primary resources. The documents were analyzed and the data were provided
after analysis. In document analysis expert knowledge also can be used. In this
research by contacting a British researcher, expert knowledge also gathered to
reach more accurate and up-to-date data.
Findings and Results: There are many professional development programs for
teachers in England but there is no national certification or rewarding system.
The responsibility to provide professional development programmes for
teachers are shared between government, governmental bodies, local
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)61-77
JournalJournal of Education and Future
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2012
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