Process mining

W.M.P. Aalst, van der, A.J.M.M. Weijters

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The basic idea of process mining is to extract knowledge from event logs recorded by an information system. Until recently, the information in these event logs was rarely used to analyze the underlying processes. Process mining aims at improving this by providing techniques and tools for discovering process, control, data, organizational, and social structures from event logs. Process mining is useful for several reasons. It can be used as a tool to find out how people and/or procedures really work, i.e., process discovery. However, it can also be used to do Delta analysis (e.g., comparing an SAP reference model with an actual event log) or performance analysis. This chapter introduces the concept of process mining and describes one of the techniques in more detail. Keywords: process mining; process discovery; event log; performance analysis
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProcess-aware information systems : bridging people and software through process technology
EditorsM. Dumas, W.M.P. Aalst, van der, A.H.M. Hofstede, ter
Place of PublicationHoboken
Number of pages432
ISBN (Print)978-0-471-66306-5
Publication statusPublished - 2005


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