Predictive modeling of high-accuracy R2R web handling

L. Zhang

    Research output: ThesisEngD Thesis


    Roll-to-roll (R2R) web handling technique has been widely used in traditional industry such as paper printing. Two great advantages of R2R are the production high throughput and usability for flexible substrates. Therefore the innovation development proposes this R2R concept for printed electronics application. For manufacture of the products such as OLED and display, the web handling accuracy below 1 um is the most challenging requirement.
    The systematic model is required to understand and to predict dynamics in the R2R mechanics and to assist the mechanical design in the future. The aim of this project is developing the modelling tools in Matlab software and validating the model by tests on the integration machine.
    The methodology of the modelling is dividing the dynamics problem in 2 degrees of freedoms. In the web direction, the web is simplified as one-dimensional spring. The investigation is focus on the relations between web speed and tension, and resonance frequency for controllability. In the lateral direction, the web can be modelled as two-dimensional curved beam concerning the shearing effect at the web edge. This model can be used to predict the lateral displacement propogation and steering effectivity. Finally, the model of mechanics is modified with realistic limits and effects from the processing.
    After achieving the verified model, the experiments for model validation are designed based on the integration machine. The tests aim to validate the parameter value, model assumptions and realistic modifications.
    The last part of this project is the application of modelling tools. The performance and design specifications for building block components are determined based on the model calculation. The design specifications are further translated as the key parameters in the hardware checklist. Utilizing the simulation tools, some guideline criteria are provides for the future mechanical design and the risks such as wrinkles formation are preliminary analyzed and visualized in the simulation. This report ends with suggstions for future work in two aspects, modelling improvement and machine design.
    Original languageEnglish
    Awarding Institution
    • Pogromskiy, A.Y. (Sasha), Promotor
    • Knaapen, R.J.W., External supervisor
    Award date30 Mar 2016
    Place of PublicationEindhoven
    Publication statusPublished - 2016

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    PDEng thesis. - Confidential forever.


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