Precessional magnetization dynamics (in the f- and t-domain)

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Precessional Magnetization Dynamics VI.1 - 1 B. Koopmans 1 – MACROSPIN DYNAMICS & LLG 1-1 Precessing spin from a quantum mechanical viewpoint 1-2 Landau-Lifzhits Gilbert equation 1-3 Damping of precessional modes 1-4 Small angle precession and Kittel relation for thin film systems 1-5 Precessional switching 2 – MEASURING PRECESSIONAL DYNAMICS 2-1 Time and frequency domain techniques 2-2 FerroMagnetic Resonance 2-3 Brillouin Light Scattering 2-4 Time domain techniques: magnetic field & optical excitation 2-5 Time-Resolved Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect 2-6 Pulsed Inductive Microwave Magnetometer 3 – SPIN WAVES IN THIN FILMS AND MULTILAYERS 3-1 Perpendicular standing spin wave modes 3-2 All-optically probing spin wave dispersion 3-3 Spin wave dispersion for different orientation of M and k 3-4 Emission of spin waves after local excitation 3-5 Damping by spin pumping 4 – MICROMAGNETIC STRUCTURES AND DEVICES 4-1 Spin wave modes in micromagnetic structures 4-2 Mapping of modes by optical means 4-3 Dynamics of multilayered devices
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationEuropean School on Magnetism : New experimental Approaches in Magnetism, Summerschool, 7 -16 September 2005, Constanta, Romania
Publication statusPublished - 2005


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