Positioning device, magnetic support system and lithographic apparatus

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A positioning device configured to position an object, the positioning device comprising: - an object table configured to hold the object; - an electromagnetic motor configured to displace the object table, the electromagnetic motor comprising: - a coil assembly mounted to the object table; - a superconductor assembly configured to co-operate with the coil assembly to generate a driving force on the object table; -a cryogenic enclosure configured to enclose the superconductor assembly and maintain the superconductor assembly in a superconductive state; - a support for supporting the electromagnetic motor; - an electromagnetic support configured to suspend the cryogenic enclosure relative to the support, thereby maintaining a gap between the cryogenic enclosure and the support.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO2019072529
IPCG03F 7/20 (2006.01) ,H01L 21/68 (2006.01) ,H01F 6/04 (2006.01) ,H02K 55/00 (2006.01) ,F17C 13/08 (2006.01)
Priority date11/10/17
Filing date24/09/18
Publication statusPublished - 18 Apr 2019

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    Koolmees, B., & Vermeulen, J. P. M. B. H. (2019). IPC No. G03F 7/20 (2006.01) , H01L 21/68 (2006.01) , H01F 6/04 (2006.01) , H02K 55/00 (2006.01) , F17C 13/08 (2006.01) . Positioning device, magnetic support system and lithographic apparatus. (Patent No. WO2019072529).