Polyamides with reduced crystallinity

J.A.W. Harings (Inventor), Y.S. Deshmukh (Inventor), E. Dijkstra - Vinken (Inventor), S. Rastogi (Inventor)

    Research output: PatentPatent publication


    The invention relates to a novel process for making compositions comprising a polyamid, water and a salt, having reduced crystallinity, wherein the process comprising the steps of: a. mixing the polyamide, water and a salt b. heating the mixture to a temperature in a range between 120 °C below the Brill temperature and 50 °C above the Brill temperature of the polyamide c. optionally cooling down the mixture. Preferably in step b the water is heated under pressure to a temperature above 100 °C.
    Original languageEnglish
    Patent numberEP2100920
    Publication statusPublished - 16 Sept 2009


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