Performance and emission studies in a heavy-duty diesel engine fueled with an N-butanol and N-heptane blend

Shuli Wang (Corresponding author), Jinlin Han, Bart Somers

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N-butanol, as a biomass-based renewable fuel, has many superior fuel properties. It has a higher energy content and cetane number than its alcohol competitors, methanol and ethanol. Previous studies have proved that n-butanol has the capability to achieve lower emissions without sacrifice on thermal efficiency when blended with diesel. However, most studies on n-butanol are limited to low blending ratios, which restricts the improvement of emissions. In this paper, 80% by volume of n-butanol was blended with 20% by volume of n-heptane (namely BH80). The influences of various engine parameters (combustion phasing, EGR ratio, injection timing and intake pressure, respectively) on its combustion and emission characteristics are tested at different loads. The results showed that when BH80 uses more than 40% EGR, the emitted soot and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions are below the EURO VI legislation. Carbon monoxide (CO) decreases and NOx emissions increase with the increase of injection pressure. It was also found that for a constant lambda (1.55) the stable operating load range of BH80 is limited to relatively high load (>8 bar gross indicated mean effective pressure (IMEPg)). However, higher boost conditions can help to reduce its maximum pressure rise rate and achieve stable combustion at 8 bar IMEPg.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2019-01-0575
Number of pages10
JournalSAE Technical Papers
Publication statusPublished - 2 Apr 2019
EventSAE World Congress Experience, WCX 2019 - Cobo Hall, Detroit, United States
Duration: 9 Apr 201911 Apr 2019


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