Overview of the preliminary design of the ITER plasma control system

J.A. Snipes, R. Albanese, G. Ambrosino, R. Ambrosino, V. Amoskov, T.C. Blanken, S. Bremond, M. Cinque, G. De Tommasi, P.C. De Vries, N. Eidietis, F. Felici, R. Felton, J. Ferron, A. Formisano, Y. Gribov, M. Hosokawa, A. Hyatt, D. Humphreys, G. JacksonA. Kavin, R. Khayrutdinov, D. Kim, S.H. Kim, S. Konovalov, E. Lamzin, M. Lehnen, V. Lukash, P. Lomas, M. Mattei, A. Mineev, P. Moreau, G. Neu, R. Nouailletas, G. Pautasso, A. Pironti, C. Rapson, G. Raupp, T. Ravensbergen, F. Rimini, M. Schneider, J.M. Travere, W. Treutterer, F. Villone, M. Walker, A. Welander, A. Winter, L. Zabeo

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An overview of the preliminary design of the ITER plasma control system (PCS) is described here, which focusses on the needs for 1st plasma and early plasma operation in hydrogen/helium (H/He) up to a plasma current of 15 MA with moderate auxiliary heating power in low confinement mode (L-mode). Candidate control schemes for basic magnetic control, including divertor operation and kinetic control of the electron density with gas puffing and pellet injection, were developed. Commissioning of the auxiliary heating systems is included as well as support functions for stray field topology and real-time plasma boundary reconstruction. Initial exception handling schemes for faults of essential plant systems and for disruption protection were developed. The PCS architecture was also developed to be capable of handling basic control for early commissioning and the advanced control functions that will be needed for future high performance operation. A plasma control simulator is also being developed to test and validate control schemes. To handle the complexity of the ITER PCS, a systems engineering approach has been adopted with the development of a plasma control database to keep track of all control requirements.

Original languageEnglish
Article number125001
Number of pages10
JournalNuclear Fusion
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2017


  • disruptions
  • ITER
  • plasma control


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