Overview of 100 climate adaptive building shells

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This booklet presents the overview of 100 climate adaptive buildings shells (CABS) that was developed as part of the MSc project “CABS – What can we simulate?”. The overview is preferably read in conjunction with the main body of the thesis, however, it was drafted in such a way that it also invites to be examined in a stand-alone manner.
The concept of CABS is very broad and described by a multitude of different terms. Many building envelopes do exhibit some form of dynamism; in this overview only those concepts were included that fulfill the following definition:
A climate adaptive building shell has the ability to repeatedly and reversibly change its functions, features or behavior over time in response to changing performance requirements and variable boundary conditions. By doing this, the building shell effectively seeks to improve overall building performance in terms of primary energy consumption while maintaining acceptable thermal and visual comfort conditions.

Beside being used as reference book for the thesis, the material presented in this booklet serves more purposes. By synopsizing case studies, prototypes and research projects it offers a technology scan that shows the state-of-the-art in adaptive façade technology. This information
can be used by professionals engaged in development of building envelopes, and also provides a point of inspiration for designers exploring possibilities to enrich the domain of adaptive building shell technology.
The overview of 100 CABS is the result of an extensive literature survey, collected from different kinds of information sources. It attempts to provide a comprehensive database that covers the whole spectrum of CABS, ranging from built examples that successfully operate for many years, to the wildest utopian concepts. The field of CABS is relatively young and in a continuous state of flux. Therefore the expectation is that this compilation will soon be superseded by even more appealing concepts and better performing technologies.
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Publication statusPublished - Jul 2010


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