On the mechanics of buckling-delamination in compliant laminates

R.H.J. Peerlings, E.D. Kleijne, E. Veenendaal, van, P.C.P. Bouten

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Many modern electronic devices consist of multilayered stacks of functional materials with a wide range of mechanical properties. Under the influence of thermo-mechanical loading, some of these layers may experience a significant amount of compressive stress. If the adherence between the layers or the internal strength within them is insufficient, this stress may be relaxed by the simultaneous delamination and buckling of one or several layers. Such fractures obviously compromise the integrity and functionality of the device.The mechanics of buckling-driven delamination are reasonably well understood for films on stiff or thick substrates. However, in the thin compliant stacksconsidered here, additional mechanisms come into play, which are not captured by the existing theoretical framework. We explore these mechanisms using finiteelement simulations and a simplified analytical model. The latter gives insight in the contributing factors and can be used by engineers to design againstbuckling–delamination.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of the 12th International Conference on Fracture (ICF 12), 12-17 July 2009, Ottawa, Canada
Publication statusPublished - 2009


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