On the hexamethyldisiloxane dissociation paths in a remote Ar-fed expanding thermal plasma

M. Creatore, Y. Barrell, J. Benedikt, M.C.M. Sanden, van de

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In this paper we present primary hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDSO) mol. dissocn. paths in a remote argon-fed expanding thermal plasma, where the HMDSO dissocn. is initiated by charge exchange reactions with argon ions followed by dissociative recombination reactions with electrons. Investigation of the argon/HMDSO plasma chem. by means of cavity ring down spectroscopy and threshold ionization mass spectrometry has allowed the detection and identification of radical species, such as CHx, SiCxHy and SiCHxO, and oligomerization products. The charge exchange reaction rate const. between argon ions and HMDSO mols. has been found to be equal to (4 +- 2) * 10-16 m3 s-1. This reaction has a dissociative character, i.e. the dissocn. occurring at the Si-C and Si-O bonds accompanied by the abstraction of radicals, e.g. CH3 and OSi(CH3)3. Under the exptl. conditions investigated, the ions produced via charge exchange reactions lead to negligible ion-induced oligomerization routes. Instead, they undergo recombination reactions with electrons, leading to Si-O bond dissocn. and further abstraction of Me radicals. [on SciFinder (R)]
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)421-431
JournalPlasma Sources Science and Technology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2006


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