Motorized drum shell arrangement

J.J.H. Paulides (Inventor), M.H. Degroot (Inventor), G. Hulshof (Inventor), P. Mircea (Inventor)

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A motorized drum having a drum shell with a motor therein, the motor having a stationary shaft, stator windings, and a stator support structure that is affixed to the stationary shaft. A rotor rotates coaxially around the stator, and a cycloidal reducer has an output that rotates at a reduced rate. The reducer output is rotationally fixed to, and is disposed within, the drum shell. An input gear of the reducer received a hollow eccentric input shaft, and is urged into eccentric motion as the input shaft rotates. The output gear urges the drum shell into rotation at same rate of rotation as the output gear. An harmonic drive speed reducer that has an input shaft provides rotatory motion to a wave generator that is disposed against a flexible splined member. The flexible splined member engages a rigid circular spline member at two radially opposed zones.; Induction and permanent magnet forms of operation are used.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO2013023203 (A2)
Priority date11/08/11
Publication statusPublished - 14 Feb 2013

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Other priority number(s):
US201261590790P Date: 25-1-2012
US201261665888P Date: 28-6-2012
Also published as:
WO2013023202 (A3)
WO2013023203 (A1)
WO2013023206 (A1)
WO2013023208 (A1)
WO2013023209 (A1)


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