Method for passivating a semiconductor substrate

M.D. Bijker (Inventor), F.C. Dings (Inventor), M.C.M. Sanden, van de (Inventor), M.A.T. Hompus (Inventor)

Research output: PatentPatent publication


The invention relates to a method for passivating a semiconductor substrate, where the method involves the rapid deposition of a SiNx:H film by PECVD. The method consists of the steps of (i) the substrate is placed in a processing chamber which has specific internal processing chamber dimensions, such as at least one internal length, width, height and/or diam.; (ii) the pressure in the processing chamber is maintained at a relatively low value; (iii) the substrate is maintained at a specific treatment temp.; (iv) a plasma is generated by at least one plasma cascade source mounted on the processing chamber at a specific distance from the substrate surface; (v) at least a part of the plasma generated by each source is brought into contact with the substrate surface; and (vi) flows of silane and ammonia are supplied to the part of the plasma (P).
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberEP1365042
Publication statusPublished - 26 Nov 2003


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