Mesoscopic simulation of diffusive contaminant spreading in gas flows at low pressure

S. Schmieschek, D.K.N. Sinz, F. Keller, U. Nieken, J. Harting

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    Many modern production and measurement facilities incorporate multiphase systems at low pressures. In this region of flows at small, non-zero Knudsen- and low Mach numbers the classical mesoscopic Monte Carlo methods become increasingly numerically costly. To increase the numerical efficiency of simulations hybrid models are promising. In this contribution, we propose a novel efficient simulation approach for the simulation of two phase flows with a large concentration imbalance in a low pressure environment in the low intermediate Knudsen regime. Our hybrid model comprises a lattice-Boltzmann method corrected for the lower intermediate Kn regime proposed by Zhang et al. for the simulation of an ambient flow field. A coupled event-driven Monte-Carlo-style Boltzmann solver is employed to describe particles of a second species of low concentration. In order to evaluate the model, standard diffusivity and diffusion advection systems are considered.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 9 Sept 2015

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